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The Massachusetts Black Women Attorneys seek to ensure the equitable administration of justice, particularly as applied to women of color. The MBWA is similarly concerned with social policy and civil rights issues in the greater minority community.

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Honoring Legacy, Forging Futures; United in Strength.

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Thank you for visiting our website. We are a not-for-profit professional bar association dedicated to addressing the concerns of Black women attorneys, the Black community, and the greater Boston community at large. These concerns include racism and sexism in the legal profession, and equal employment opportunities, among other challenges that Black women attorneys face.

Our organization is committed to actively promoting the advancement and recognition of attorneys, judges, law professors and students within every facet of the legal community and beyond. MBWA encourages community engagement, supports attorney wellbeing, and offers members a forum where attorneys gain the knowledge and experience to advance their legal careers.

We invite you to subscribe to our email list or contact us at info@massblackwomenattys.org to learn more about our organization and upcoming events.

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